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Your Unmanned Surface Vehicle

Development team: Giuseppe Stanghellini, Fabrizio Del Bianco, Francesco Suriano

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Join Our OPEN world

open software, open platform (i.e. connect your GPS/motors modules), choose your kit and eventually assemble it by yourself

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Buy Your USV

Choose the best solution for your needs. Simple, advanced or custom features for your kit or assembled USV

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Ask for a service

Call our qualified team for custom USV-services: geophysical/geochemical surveys, environmental monitorings, water samplings, and video inspections

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Main Applications (1)

Single-beam bathymetric 4D (repeated) surveys, repeatable bottom monitorings, seabed characterization and sedimentary thickness investigation

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Main Applications (2)

Recognition of lost objects on the seafloor or within the sediment, visual monitoring of difficult-to-access areas (i.e. embankments, drainage areas)

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Main Features (1)

Easy to transport plastic (LLDPE) catamaran (120x120cm 2 , approx. 20kg), electric powered (40Ah for the basic kit), integrated echosounder

Sleek & Beautiful

Main Features (2)

Autonomous and remote control navigation (up to 10h of autonomy @ 2knots), accurate repeatable planned routes (~20cm), data control and visualization in real time